Saturday, July 10, 2010

30 green tips

1. Invest in a reusable bamboo utensil travel set & eliminate the use of plasticware when at work, on the road or traveling.
2. Make a resolution to conserve more water.
3. Bring your used (burnt out) CFL bulbs to Lowe’s or Ikea to properly dispose of them.
4. Replace toxic home cleaners with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Or use another organic all natural cleaner!
5. Try to use major appliances (washer, dryer, disher washer, etc.) during off peak hours to save some money!
6. Reduce use of plastic&paper bags by using reusable totes.Most stores give a credit! Great designs at
7. Share a magazine subscription with a friend, not only will you share the cost but you will cut down on the amount of trees used!
8. Keep a beautiful cactus nearby in your office to freshen the air as you work. Read this article by The Daily Green.
9. Donate your old towels to a local animal shelter,clear room in the house & give a furry friend a soft place to rest
10. Save trees & reduce unwanted junk mail by visiting choreographically to eliminate those unwanted catalogs.
11. Reuse as much as possible to lessen your environmental impact. Recycling is great, but reusing is better!
12. When painting in your house ensure proper disposal of the remaining paint
13. When bringing your lunch to work, use Tupperware or reusable containers instead of plastic and paper bags.
14. To reduce wasted energy, be sure to unplug appliances, such as your computer, and power strips when not in use.
15. Save your old coffee grinds and reuse them for great fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants!
16. Save money and electricity by turning your heat down a few degrees. Your heating bill will thank you too 
17. When you stop for coffee in the morning bring a reusable mug from home, refills are cheaper & no trash to throw away!
18. Instead of using plastic bags for produce try reusable bags-they are better for the environment & keep produce fresher.
19. Wash your clothes with cold water rather than warm or hot water to save electricity & money on your electric bill.
20. This winter instead of salt which could kill grass &shrubs use Earth Friendly de-icer.
21. Think before you print your emails and attachments, we can save trees by only printing out necessary documents!
22. Make your own birdfeeder with natural components of pinecones, peanut butter & bird seed.
23. Request e-statements for bills instead of paper statements to save trees and never worry about a lost bill in the mail.
24. Invest in an energy audit of your home. For minimal cost you can get tips on where you could become more efficient in your home.
25. To save energy, keep your freezer and fridge well stocked with food, as the food will help retain the cooler temps!
26. When buying recycled paper ensure that it is 100% Post consumer recycled paper, as that is truly recycled paper!
27. Instead of throwing away catalogs that you receive in the mail call the company to be removed from future mailings.
28. To encourage recycling in your house set up a mini recycle center, once full bring them to your local center.
29. Use a shovel instead of a snowblower, not only does it give you a good work out but it is more eco-friendly!
30. When buying a new shower curtain purchase a cotton one to reduce the VOC you breath in & it can be washed over & over.